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Choose from our 30+ chains & charms:

  • Custom-fit your chain to your desired area (ring, bracelet, anklet, necklace)

  • Spark process

  • Quality check 

  • Jewelry care suggestions

  • Pay for your jewels

  • Snap a pic & tag us!

 permanent jewelry experience 

We offer 14k solid gold, 14k gold filled & sterling silver chains to inspire you to design your new piece. Ranging from small to large chains, we have an option for everyone! 

All permanent jewelry chains are made in the US with quality materials you can rely on. The chains are tarnish-free & are custom fitted to your preferred size for rings, bracelets, anklets &/or necklaces.

Visit one of our locations to customize your permanent jewelry experience! Bring your BFF, significant other, girl gang, siblings, parents, family members, kids and create a memory you both will ~wear~ and share, forever.


Upon arriving, please make your way to the spark artists station to begin selecting your chains. You will be presented with 25+ different chains to begin designing your new permanent jewelry. After selecting your chains, we suggest looking at any charms or connectors you wish to add to your new piece. Once you've made your selections, your permanent jewelry experience will begin. 

Prices of chains vary per style and are per chain/per person.


The fun part! You can expect to be at the station for 5-10 minutes. Your spark artists will start by suggesting a size they think appropriately fits your desired area (ring, bracelet, anklet, necklace, hand chain) and is best to prevent from any damage/breakage. We will close the ring temporarily, allowing you to move your arm as normal to help determine what length you prefer. After we agree on the size, we then weld the jewelry and cut off any excess material. We then go over how to care for your jewelry and complete a quality check to ensure your jewelry was welded correctly and is designed to last. 

Please note, although the jewelry is designed to last, this does not mean the chains are indestructible. We always suggest taking care of your jewelry and being gentle in places when needed. As this is a custom experience and service we provide, all permanent jewelry is final sale.

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all chains & charms are subject to availability

14k Gold Filled + Sterling Silver
Rings: $45-$70
Bracelets: $75-$100
Anklets: $85-$105
Necklaces: $110-$135+

14k Solid Gold 
Rings: $75
Bracelets: $170
Anklets: $180
Necklaces: $210+

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14k Gold Filled/Sterling Silver:

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