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Caring for your jewels


Solid Gold is made entirely of gold, versus 14k gold filled is solid gold melted over brass making this the most expensive metal that we offer. It is more of an investment piece that will hold its value overtime. Solid gold will never tarnish or change colors/fade over the years and requires little to no maintenance. To shine your jewels, gentle rub the chain with dawn dish soap and warm water.

Pat your jewelry dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.


When a persons skin become hot and begins to sweat or your PH levels change, you may notice a darker ring on your skin where the chain lays. This is common and totally normal with solid gold as the chemicals from your makeup, sweat, perfume, lotions, sunscreen, acidity, chlorine, etc can sometimes cause a reaction to the chain itself. This is NOT the chain tarnishing and can simply be cleaned off with dawn dish soap and warm water or a makeup cloth/alcohol wipe. If you ever have a chain that tarnishes, the chain itself will turn an entirely different color than its original state. We understand this can be confusing for people but it's completely normal and backed by science.


Gold filled jewelry is made by chemically bonding layers of solid gold (10k, 14k, 18k, etc.) around a base metal such as steel or brass. This is what will protect the chain from tarnishing or discoloring overtime as the bonding is strong and will not cheap or peel overtime. With proper care, gold filled jewelry is an inexpensive alternative to solid gold as it will last for many years.

To clean your gold filled jewelry, use warm water and dawn dish soap to remove any dirt or oils that may have build up on your chain. This will bring their sparkle back and extend the life of the jewelry. Clean your jewelry more often if you live an active lifestyle.

Gold filled jewelry is hypoallgernic. However, if you have an allergy to brass, this metal is part of the chemical bonding process and could potentially cause a reaction. Though gold filled jewelry is great quality and designed to last, we do not recommend putting your jewelry in direct contact with perfumes, lotions, chemicals, and/or oils. Although swimming in the ocean and pools is okay with gold filled jewelry, we do recommend immediately rinsing with fresh water afterwards as these contain harsh chemicals that can dull your jewelry and reduce their shine overtime. 

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Sterling silver typically requires more maintenance than any other metal. Overtime, as silver is exposed to air there may be a chemical that happens causing the chain to tarnish a dark, black color. This does not mean your jewelry is ruined as it is just as easy to clean as most other metals. Every day things such as perfume, makeups, oils, lotions, cleaning products will dull your jewelry overtime as well.

We suggest a jewelry cleanser with a soft cloth to help buff off the build up. Afterwards, rinse your jewelry in warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.


Different environmental factors can affect the reactions of metal jewelry with your skin. Often people wonder why their skin turns green or they notice a darker ring on their skin where their jewelry lays - this is completely normal. The pH and acidity of your skin can cause the metal to react, even with the highest quality metals such as solid gold. Lotions, perfumes, oils, sunscreen, etc can also cause a reaction but overall it is an easy fix. Simply use rubbing alcohol or a makeup wipe to buff off the affected area. As always, we never suggest applying these substances directly to your jewelry to prevent this from potentially happening to you.

Although all of our jewelry is hypoallergenic, if you have a known allergy to brass any gold filled may cause a reaction as the base of the metal is typically brass or steel. Gold filled has 5% real gold by weight, but the base may be the metal to cause the irritation. If you have a known allergy or have had a previous reaction to gold filled jewelry before, we recommend sterling silver, or solid gold jewelry.

Gold filled jewelry may vary slightly in color over time. Although the metal will not tarnish, it is still mixture of metals and can change over time as it comes in contact with harsh chemicals, lotions, perfumes, oils, etc. Solid gold is one of the softest metals and can easily scratch and dent the more gold the chain has. For example, 24k solid gold is extetmly soft and more prone to scratching, where as 14k gold is 14/24 or about 58% gold, mixed with 48% other metals. This is the most common option for gold due to its durability and longevity. 

Sterling silver will require a little more maintenance then gold jewelry, but can simply be cleaned with jewelry polish at home.

For charms, anything with a CZ stone we recommend keeping out of water as much as possible to avoid dulling its shine. We also recommend cleaning your CZ stones every few weeks to maintain its sparkle. Simply use warm water and dawn dish soap to clean the stones and pat dry with a soft cleaning cloth or paper towel.

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